Nylon zipper manufacturing machinery
(closed end semi auto production line)

Item No : CP-673

Product : Zig-Zag semi-auto cutting machine

Zig-Zag semi-auto cutting machine for nylon zippers

Item No : CP-810(N)

Product : Auto Gapping & stripping machine

Auto Gapping and stripping machine for no.5 or no.3 with cord type, output: 3000pcs/50cm/Hour. Machine size: 170cm x 50x 145cm

Item No : CP-980

Product : Auto top stop welding machine (Film-wire)

Auto top stop welding machine (Film-wire) for no.3 or no.5 nylon zippers.

Item No : CP-600

Product : Semi-auto Machine for speical puller (nylon zippers)

This machine is designed to mounting the slider with manual,the slider will fit one by one by manual. You just put the slider in the position, and slider will mount.

Item No : CP-620

Product : Auto double top stop machine for nylon zippers

auto double top stop machine for nylon zippers. Power: 1/2Hp , average output: 3000 pcs/50cm/hour machine size: 85x60x148cm

Item No : CP-993N

Product : auto bottom stop machine ( No.3 or No.5)

auto bottom stop machine for no.3 or no.5.When chain with gapping length, you can use this machine to make bottom stop. Average output: 3000pcs/50cm/hour. Machine size: 65cm x 65cm x145cm

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