Fire retardant zippers

Nylon zippers with Fire retardant tape,
suitable for protective cloth, jacket etc

Fire Retardant Metal Zippers Testing

Plastic Zippers Fire Retardant Testing

Fire retardant testing for metal zips

Fire retardant zippers

Product : Fire retardant zippers with nomex tape
Detail description: Fire Retardant, no dripping, good for uniform of oil field

Fire retardant zippers

Product : Fire Retardant Zippers
Specification: 5#,10#
Detail description: 1. Two ways open end/two ways close end/open end/close end
2. Material: DuPont

Fireproof (retardant) zipper - safety choice for the skin protection
Based on safety, different demand and requirements of various products, we offer different options by using different materials, in accordance with customer’s specifications.

Fireproof (retardant) zipper, is divided into three materials:
Metal: Using metal teeth for production with fireproof fabric tape, currently used DuPont NOMEX fire yarn or China made Aramid fiber for tape production.
Firefighting clothing / military uniforms / overalls (oil companies) / racing suits and other special industries choose to use metal fireproof zipper.

Nylon: Using nylon zipper teeth with tape adding flame retardants chemical solution in the production, can withstand normal use temperature of 180 degrees without dissolving.
Car use or home use sofa, bags, curtains and other general products, can use flame retardant nylon zipper, price is relatively cheaper, but the zipper cannot be washed (washing will cause failure for fire retardant effect).

Plastic: Using plastic zipper teeth with fireproof fabric tape is for applications that require no metal component products.

Our company’s fire retardant zipper is now use by several countries military uniforms (Fire retardant metal zipper with NOMEX tape, chemical finishing tape) and used by oil companies overalls. We welcome you to call or E-MAIL to contact and obtain test samples do EN11612 EN14116 EN469 (Please note that major testing agencies only provide fire retardant test for clothing or finished proudct)

Nomex Sewing Thread

Fire retardant zippers

Protective clothing-clothing to protect against heat and flame-minimum performance requirements

New SGS Testing report for nylon FIre retardant zippers, The testing specified in ISO 11612:2015 protective clothing to protect against heat and flame minimum performance requirements, clause 6.3 limited flame spread (code latter A1) is based on ISO 15025:2000

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