Nylon zipper manufacturing machinery
(open end semi auto production line)

Item No : CP-128

Product : Semi-auto open end cross cutting machine

Process 4: this machine is to cut the size for open end pin box with cross type. Average output: 900pcs/50cm/hour.

Item No : CP-622

Product : Auto double top stop machine

Process3: this machine is to make double top stop automatically after tape welding.
power: 1/2Hp
Average output: 3000 pcs/50cm/hour.
Machine size: 85x60x148cm

Item No : CP-660

Product : Auto film welding machine (two film)

process 2: auto welding machine for chain after gapping.
Power: 1-1/4 Hp.
Average output: 1500 pcs/50cm/hour.
Machine size: 90x75x145cm

Item No : CP-780

Product : Semi-auto pin & box fixing machine (two in one)

Process5: This press machine can make pin & box fixing in one mold at the same time which will save time and mold.
Average output: 1000 pcs/50cm/hour.
Power: 1/4Hp
Machine size: 70x52x150cm

Item No : CP-880c

Product : Auto gapping machine

Auto Gapping and stripping machine. The CP-880 can be suitable for making closed end and open end zipper

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