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 Product:  Waterproof zipper with 3D design (new)
 Item No.:  
 Detail description:   Moq: 2000 meters/per style

 Product:  Waterproof Zippers
 Item No.:  
 Specification  #5
 Detail description: 
1. Special function zippers
2. Suitable for Ski wear
3. Excellent quality

 Product: No.5 metal zipper with waterproof tape with reversible slider(teeth is nickel free)
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 Detail description:   
About the Water Repellent Zipper:
This zipper is water repellent, not waterproof/watertight, so water can leak past the film seal and zipper teeth, It’s not necessary to carry out waterproofing treatment for the outdoor suppliers which with water repellent zippers on them.
Function: Widely used on cloths, bags, tents, outdoor supplies, etc.

Notice for washing:
The zipper must be completely closed when washing in order to avoid damage to the film,
When dry cleaning, a petroleum based dry cleaning solvent is recommended. Chlorine based solvent often cause difficulty in operating the zipper, color runs, cloudy film, or the film dropt,Water repellent zipper shall not be dried by drier, or it may damage the film and result in deterioration of the zipper’s water repellency.
Notice for ironing: avoid direct ironing on the zipper, or the film may be crisp or even dropt.

Notice for using and storing:
Attachment to PVC or polyurethane material may cause transfer dying, Avoid direct contact with chemical medicines or organic solvents when using or storing or the film may be crisp, blister or even drop out when it is serious, Keep the zipper away from direct sunlight, or it may lighten the color or turn the color into yellow Bending or pulling or slider may cause cloudy film but it will not affect the zipper waterproof performance, Due to the nature of the polyurethane film processing, the zipper color may be darker than the color card color.

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