Nylon zipper manufacturing machinery
(open end auto production line)

Item No : SM-102

Product : Sewing Machine for nylon zipper

This machine is designed to sew coil teeth with two side of zipper tape together to a continuous chain. The capacity:130 yds for no.3 zip and 200 yds for no.5,8 and 10 zippers

Item No : CP-770

Product : Auto punching machine for no.5 open-end zipper

Process 3: After zipper chain with welding tape,it will need this auto punching machine to make a hole.
Average output: 1800pcs/50cm/hours.
Power: 1/2Hp.
Machine size is 80x 55x 140cm.

Item No : CP-640N

Product : Auto cutting machine for open end

Last process.This machine will cut the zipper for finishing zipper.
Polwer 3/4HP,
average output: 1500 pcs/50cm/hour.

Item No : FM-101

Product : Auto High Speed Coil Forming Machine

This is a newly developed high efficient machine, S-coil and Z-coil both with insert cord form and assemble synchronously to a complete doublecoils chain automatically. The capacity is 200 yds for no.3 and 250 yds for no.5 and 8..
Power : 2-1/2 Hp,
Net weight : 380 kgs,
Gross weight : 500 kgs,
Dimension : 126 x 121 x 138 cm

Item No : CP-735N

Product : Auto Pin & box Fixing Machine for nylon open end zipper

Process4, this machine is for fixing pin and box automatically. Pin and box fixing in one process.
Average output: 1500 pcs/50cm/hour.
Power: 1-1/2Hp
The machine size is 90x75x152cm.

Item No : CP-880

Product : Auto Gapping machine for nylon O/E zipper

This machine is designed to gap and strip the length request with teeth polarizing.
The average outpul: 3000 pcs/50cm/Hour,
The machine size is 152cm x60cm 145cm

Item No : CP-661

Product : Auto Film Welding Machine ( two Film)

Auto Film welding after nylon zipper chain are gapped with two film.
Average out put 1500 pcs/50cm/Hour,
Machine size: 90cm x75cm x165cm

Item No : CP-620

Product : Auto double top stop machine for Open end zipper

Process 6:This machine is for making the double top stop automatically.
Power: 1/2Hp
Average output: 3000 pcs/50cm/hour.
Machine size: 85x60x148cm

Item No : CP-940N

Product : Auto slider mounting machine

Process5: This machine is for mounting slider automatically after pin box fixed.
Power: 1/2 Hp.
Average output: 3600 pcs/50cm/hour.
Machine size: 70x70x140cm

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