Invisible Zipper Manufacturing Machine

Auto Zippers Marking Machine

Auto marking machine for zippers chain

1.Auto marking function,make a line on or figure on the zipper chain.
2.Marking for easy sewing and assist productivity.

Auto Slider Mounting Machine

For open end zippers pin box setting automatically

Auto gapping with LCD monitor control

Nylon zipper manufacturing machinery
(open end auto production line)

Item No : SM-102

Product : Sewing Machine for nylon zipper

This machine is designed to sew coil teeth with two side of zipper tape together to a continuous chain. The capacity:130 yds for no.3 zip and 200 yds for no.5,8 and 10 zippers

Item No : CP-770

Product : Auto punching machine for no.5 open-end zipper

Process 3: After zipper chain with welding tape,it will need this auto punching machine to make a hole.
Average output: 1800pcs/50cm/hours.
Power: 1/2Hp.
Machine size is 80x 55x 140cm.

Item No : CP-640N

Product : Auto cutting machine for open end

Last process.This machine will cut the zipper for finishing zipper.
Polwer 3/4HP,
average output: 1500 pcs/50cm/hour.

Item No : FM-101

Product : Auto High Speed Coil Forming Machine

This is a newly developed high efficient machine, S-coil and Z-coil both with insert cord form and assemble synchronously to a complete doublecoils chain automatically. The capacity is 200 yds for no.3 and 250 yds for no.5 and 8..
Power : 2-1/2 Hp,
Net weight : 380 kgs,
Gross weight : 500 kgs,
Dimension : 126 x 121 x 138 cm

Item No : CP-735N

Product : Auto Pin & box Fixing Machine for nylon open end zipper

Process4, this machine is for fixing pin and box automatically. Pin and box fixing in one process.
Average output: 1500 pcs/50cm/hour.
Power: 1-1/2Hp
The machine size is 90x75x152cm.

Item No : CP-880

Product : Auto Gapping machine for nylon O/E zipper

This machine is designed to gap and strip the length request with teeth polarizing.
The average outpul: 3000 pcs/50cm/Hour,
The machine size is 152cm x60cm 145cm

Item No : CP-661

Product : Auto Film Welding Machine ( two Film)

Auto Film welding after nylon zipper chain are gapped with two film.
Average out put 1500 pcs/50cm/Hour,
Machine size: 90cm x75cm x165cm

Item No : CP-620

Product : Auto double top stop machine for Open end zipper

Process 6:This machine is for making the double top stop automatically.
Power: 1/2Hp
Average output: 3000 pcs/50cm/hour.
Machine size: 85x60x148cm

Item No : CP-940N

Product : Auto slider mounting machine

Process5: This machine is for mounting slider automatically after pin box fixed.
Power: 1/2 Hp.
Average output: 3600 pcs/50cm/hour.
Machine size: 70x70x140cm

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