New zippers auto m/c ,auto mounting two head to head sliders with auto cutting

Slider auto assembly machine for S80





Plastic zipper manufacturing machinery
(open end production line)

Item No : CP-525

Product : Plastic zipper injection moulding machine

This machine is to inject the plastic zipper chain. Mold length: 12", 14" or 16". sipperspecification #3,#4,#5,#8, #10 are available to make and it need different mold.

Item No : CP-771
Product : Auto punching machine for no.5 plastic zipper open end

After Chain welding and we need to punch a hole and this machine will punch hole automatically.
Average output: 1800pcs/50cm/h
Machine size: 80x55x140cm

Item No : CP-900
Product : Auto Gapping machine for No.5 plastic zipper open end

This machine is designed to gap the teeth for request length. The gapping size is accurate and no need to use labor for teeth stripping.
Average output 1200 pcc/50cm/hour ,
Power: 1Hp,If you have model: CP-525 then you do not need to use this machine for gapping. The CP-525 injection machine can gap the teeth when make the moulding chain.

Item No : SF-771
Product : Auto Punching Machine (Open End)
Power : 1/2 Hp,
Volt : client indicated,
Frequency : 50 Hz or 60 Hz,
Average output : 1800 pcs/50cm/H,
Net weight : 130 kgs,
Gross weight : 190 kgs,
Machine size : 80 x 55 x140 cm,
Packing size : 88 x 63 x 160 cm

Item No : SF-900
Product : Auto Gapping Machine
Power : 1 Hp,    Volt : client indicated,
Frequency : 50Hz or 60 Hz,   Average output : 120 pcs/50cm/H,
Net weight : 217 kgs,   Gros weight : 75 kgs,
Machine size : 80 x 60 x 140 cm,
Packing size : 88 x 68 x 160 cm

Item No : CP-701
Product : Auto Film Welding machine ( two film)

After Chain with gapping size, we can use this auto film welding machine to make two film welding.
Power: 1-1/4Hp
Average output: 1500 pcs/50cm/hour.
Machine size: 90x75x 165cm

Item No : CP-505

Product : No.5 Plastic zipper Open end injection machine

This machine is designed to inject top stop and pin box in one shoot after hole punching.

Item No : SF-701
Product : Auto Film Welding Machine (Two Film)
Power : 1-1/4 Hp,
Volt : client indicated,
Frequency : 50 Hz or 60 Hz,
Average output : 1500 pcs/50cm/H,
Net weight : 180 kgs,
Gros weight : 250 kgs,
Machine size : 90 x 75 x 165 cm,
Packing size : 98 x 83 x185 cm

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