safety choice for the skin protection

Our company's fire retardant zipper is now use by several countries military uniforms(Fire retarant metalzipper with NOMEX tape, chemical finishing tape) and used by oil companies overalls. We welcome you to call e-Mail to contact and obtain test samples do EN11612 EN14116 EN469(Please note that major testing agencies only provide fire retardant test for clothing or finished product)

Teeth width 3mm x1.55 ( height)

Can supply :

1. Open end zippers with injected pin box suitable for yog wear, cycling wear etc
2. Closed end zippers with injected top n bottom stop, light and small suitable for small items such as purse , key bags etc.

Waterproof Airtight Zippers

Size N4,N5 & N8

Function : airtight and waterproof suitable for ice bag etc.

Auto plastic zippers injected pin box setting machine
( open end )

Fire Retardant Metal Zippers Testing

Plastic Zippers Fire Retardant Testing

Slider auto assembly machine for S80

Invisible Zipper Manufacturing Machine

Nylon zippers with Fire retardant tape,
suitable for protective cloth, jacket etc

Water repellent nylon zippers

New zippers auto m/c ,auto mounting two head to head sliders with auto cutting

For open end zippers pin box setting automatically

Auto gapping with LCD monitor control

Zippers glow in the dark
close partner in outdoor products.

Reciprocation testing of CPC zippers
500 cycles are necessary. Quality assurance.

Zippers crosswise breaking strength

Slider pull attachment pulling force

Decorative zippers

Auto Slider Mounting Machine

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